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PositiveOverall Review

Poly dating apps are not so easy to come by but your search can now be over, thanks to the Fantasy Match app. This app brings in edutainment, games, and dating, all in one product.

Launched in June 2022 by Fantasy Match founder and CEO Andrew Yaroshenko, the app has since then been very well-received by singles and couples. The app aims to overcome the main obstacle to intimacy, that is, the fear of being vulnerable and sincere.

Fantasy Match claims to be more than just a regular dating app by adding an entertainment quotient to it. Is Fantasy Match a legit and safe platform to use for ENM relationships? Here is a detailed review of this online dating platform.

PositiveIs it right for me?

It is not easy to find platforms that are open to accepting and embracing polyamorous dating. However, at Fantasy Match, unusual dating dimensions are openly welcomed and encouraged. No judgments are passed and all kinds of people looking to diversify their dating life can try out the platform.

The app welcomes monogamous couples or any other couples having an alternative dating lifestyle. The idea behind the app is to meet like-minded people and there's no restriction to that. The website states that the app is open to people in polyamorous relationships, couples practicing open marriages or relationships, monogamish couples, open-minded and like-minded people, swingers, libertines, kinksters, ethical sluts, as well as unicorns.

PositiveHow to sign-up

The registration process at Fantasy Match is quite easy. Below we have discussed the process.

  • 1. You first need to download the iOS app for Fantasy Match. Keep in mind that in order to use the app, you have to be at least 21.
  • 2. You can then create a profile using some basic information. You can create the profile either through Facebook or your email ID. Providing a photo is a must since the app promotes openness.
  • 3. You can then start using the three sections of the app, namely, Learn, Play, and Flirt.

PositiveMain Features

Poly dating apps are rare and it is great to come across a platform like Fantasy Match that makes the process smooth and reliable. You can use the app with either free or paid features, and no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to have fun and that too safely. Following are some of the features of the app:

  • Fantasy Match can be used for solo or group usage.
  • The platform is divided into three sections: Learn, Play and Flirt.
  • Under the Learn section, you can find educational and entertaining content with which you can expand your knowledge on sexuality. Under the Play section, you can have meaningful conversations with lovers, partners, or friends and lastly, under the Flirt section, which is turned off by default, you can find like-minded people for ethical, open, and polyamorous relationships.
  • Users' information is absolutely private and protected by regular security audits, different network layers, data filtering, and encryption.
  • The profiles are private by default, giving users control over how they would like to navigate their sexual journey.
  • Use decks as icebreakers and have conversations with your match.

Paid features

Fantasy Match offers a Club Membership subscription for couples or singles who want something a little more. For $5.49 per week, you can get your hands on features like additional decks, a higher swiping limit, unlimited rooms, etc. You also get the opportunity to change your active city and highlight your profile with a member badge.

The membership privileges allow users to get more decks and learn more about different things related to sex, like cultural heritage, mindful intimacy, relationship tips, and more.


  •  Dedicated mobile app
  • Great for both singles and people in relationships
  • Wide range of thoughtful features
  • Private profiles


  • Available in selected cities
  • Fairly new site


The main aim of Fantasy Match is to promote mindful intimacy, and in order to have equal access for everyone, the app is mostly free. Under the free version, you can create an account, get daily cards, invite partners to Rooms, and scroll profiles under the Flirt section.

However, there is also a premium subscription available on Fantasy Match, which starts at $5.49 per week. The annual package costs $34.99. Apart from this, there are also in-app content items that start at $9.99.

PositiveRelationship Types You Can Find

Fantasy Match encourages all types of relationships and people to join their platform. The purpose of the company is to create a culture of all types of sincere relationships.

The platform is open to ENM relationships, polyamorous dating, monogamish couples, swingers, and other kinds of relationship dynamics. Like-minded people who wish to broaden their knowledge of sexuality and get to know each other better are welcome here.

PositiveWhy It is Different From Others

Finding poly dating apps that are genuine and have an open-minded community is a difficult task.

But, Fantasy Match breaks the stereotypes and attempts to be a comprehensive sexual wellness platform that combines education, games, and dating.

User privacy is the top priority of the platform and the interface of the app is like a breath of fresh air.

The app is all about authenticity, transparency, trust, and sexual well-being. And thanks to the verification proof feature, you won't find scammers on the app, making it a safe space for everyone. Read 3Fun and 3rder Review

PositiveBottom Line

The dating landscape is changing and new relationship dynamics are coming up. Polyamorous relationships could be the future of love, which is why the platform places an emphasis on ENM relationships.

However, the platform is also open to other forms of relationships and single people. The app tries to teach people about their sexuality and how their sexual identity ties them to the broader community.

Overall, considering the wealth of free features and the openness of the app, it is definitely worth a try. It is always recommended that you go through their terms and conditions and privacy policies before registering.

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