7 Highly Effective Tips on How to Find a Third Person for the Bedroom

Sometimes it may reach a point in your relationship where you'll want to spice things up by having threesome hook ups. However, it's not as simple as it may sound, and certainly not an undertaking for the faint-hearted.

A study showed that 90% of couples acknowledged that having multiple partners while in a relationship improved their relationships. This goes to show that it may be a good idea for couples having a hard time in their relationship to find a threesome partner and enjoy the benefits that come a long with it. But where do you start? How to find a third for a threesome? How to find a third partner for the bedroom? Here are six tips to help you.

Third partner for bedroom

1. Discuss with your partner

Before going out and looking for a third for a threesome, you should ensure that your significant other has agreed to it and approves it. You want to have the best threesome without worries that your partner will not enjoy it. Keep in mind that it's only for sexual satisfaction and nothing more. Let your partner know that you only want to spice things up and not looking for another woman. If she's good with it, you can both go on to look for women for threesome and select the best.

2. Lay down rules

You should both know where the limit is. Have rules laid down for when to stop and focus your attention to each other. Sometimes you may get carried away and forget that you still love your partner and may end up losing them if you keep on. For example, you can say that no threesome hook ups without either of the partner, or no threesomes on particular times or dates, or just a onetime thing. Whatever the case, lay down the rules to govern this sexual adventure.

3. Golden Rule (Male, Female, Female)

There is an unwritten rule to having threesomes, and that is there should be one man and two women, because most men may not be receptive to the idea of sharing their girlfriends. So if you're a couple looking for a threesome and don't know how to find a third person for a relationship, consider this rule. However, in case the man agrees to having another man, there's no problem. Just discuss it out.

4. Use an app or Website

Where to find a third partner for the bedroom? Be thankful for this digital era as having a threesome can be as easy as clicking a button on your phone or computer. There are numerous threesome apps and free threesome sites that can link couples looking for a third together. However, ensure that they're credible and genuine. You don’t want to fall in the hands of fraudsters. Furthermore, an app or website will enable you to peruse through your preferred type of finding a third for the bedroom.

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5. Go for Medical Check up

Once you find a threeway partner, it is imperative that you all go for medical checkups to establish the health of each individual. This will prevent unwanted transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and other communicable diseases.

6. Perform Background checks

Also, ensure to perform background checks on your third partner to establish their genuineness so that you don’t invite a burglar or con into your house. Be vigilant and at least meet up with the person once before the actual date to establish their character.

7. Set up a meeting place, date, and time

Now that you have your third partner for bedroom, it's time to have the actual hook up. It is preferable that you meet first in an open area before going to a private place. Agree on the meeting date and time and when you do, be sure to keep time.

By Admin, Last Updated: May 1, 2023