The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Compatible Girl to Join Me and My Husband

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Years back, my best friend and I would have random discussions over hot coffee a lot more than often: she is currently in a different city. The chats would be about anything and everything. From fashion to sex, name it. But this particular topic would always pop up whenever we saw an attractive man across the table or passing by. She would jokingly comment that a specific guy’s looks could earn him a threesome. As years passed, I felt that I can find a girl for me and my husband to have a threesome was gradually becoming less of a taboo. The fantasy was achievable. I can recall when we almost made a move to suggest a threesome on a hunk that was hitting on my friend. That was as far as we got. We must have been too timid to pursue the adventure.

I am now with my husband of six years and about to embark on our journey of expanding our family: yes we do not have kids yet. I kid you, not the jokes I used to pull about threesomes have only emanated to a wilder desire to have a threesome. I hate to admit that I have done some research myself on the subject: mostly secretly. Wondering if I am the only married person interested in a three-way, I have more than often found myself searching for couples looking for a threesome. Yes, all that has been to justify my desires and also get to know the experiences of other couples.

Hit the nail on its head

I recently realized that maybe it was time I brought up the topic. I managed to fix the subject jokingly as we lay in the bed over one of the weekends and I was happy to find out that my husband didn’t have much reservations about the matter.

I, however, decided that I would bring up the same topic (more particular this time) another day. So I gave it about two weeks then came back and asked my husband whether he would be game if I proposed a threesome. He was a bit reluctant before he answered and I thought to myself, he must have thought I was testing him. Nevertheless, he managed an honest answer and said that he would not mind but was content with just having me. Days following saw regular visits to adult sites for couples. After gathering as much knowledge as we felt we needed regarding threesome, we finally agreed that a threesome would not hurt and it would break the routine.

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How to Find a Girl for Me and My Husband

A lot of planning was involved, including deciding on which type of girl we both preferred for a third. We also had to set about boundaries and pick the most suitable day for the adventure. My husband requested that he gets to choose a girl for us. I must admit that he did an excellent job in the selection. Everything is now in place, and we are just waiting for the bells to ring. As we wait, I have been able to stumble upon points that I deem essential in choosing a girl to join us and felt that I should share.

1. It is best when the woman brings up the topic first, otherwise it is likely to translate into something like ‘My husband wants to bring someone new to our bedroom all the time.’

2. It is vital for you to loosen any adverse opinions that you may hold regarding the third partner. You should be able to feel comfortable with it, otherwise ditch the idea of looking for a girl to join us in bedroom.

3. Communicate with your man about the whole ordeal and gauge whether it will pose a potential threat to your relationship.

That said, You should look forward to the best threesome!

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