Unlock the Secrets to a Successful Cuckold Relationship with These 7 Tips

Cuckold relationships are not for everyone, and not so many people are even familiar with it. A cuckold can mostly be defined as a relationship whereby a man fancies watching his wife have sex with another man. Sounds weird, right? Well, it is a fetish just like threesomes. The difference is that so much jealousy can accompany this particular one.

More to cuckold relationships: it is not a threesome, where the woman gets equal satisfaction from two males: no. There has to be one male in action while the other is watching and deriving pleasure from watching the woman being satisfied by an alpha male (explains the jealousy, hehe).

cukold relationships

The agenda of the relationship is to have the alpha demonstrate sexual superiority to the second male, who may as well as be termed as the beta. If you are not in a cuckold relationship, and you feel that maybe you and your partner could embark on one, the following points are worth putting into consideration for it to be successful.

1. There has to be trust and loyalty

It is the only way a cuckold relationship will work. It is through trust that one can get to that level of openness to sustain such a relationship. If you have trust and jealousy issues, a cuckold relationship on cuckold dating site will only break your relationship further apart, rather than enhance it.

2. Get into it for the right reasons

As earlier mentioned, this is one escapade that may be accompanied by loads of jealousy. So it is better that you do not dive into it just because you want to masturbate to the sight of your woman being with another man. It has to be on the basis of an agreement and for spicing up your relationship.

3. Do not use the same bull over and over

You need to have a change of the bull once a while. Otherwise, it will start to appear as if you have chemistry with the man. And, this will make your husband turn green with envy. Also, it is no secret that the bull my start to form a bond with the wife. Remember that biology stuff about some hormones that are released during intercourse that increases chemistry. Changing bulls will also keep things hot.

4. Make cuckolding more than a Voyeuristic Role

If your husband keeps watching from his couch every other day, he may start to get detached from the whole experience. Why not give him different roles, like recording the encounter.

be the dominating wife

5. Talk it through

It may be one part that may be easily ignored. However, it is essential that you have talks with your partner before and after the experience. You need to understand how your partner feels about it. Note that cuckolding could end your relationship, especially if it is shaky. Do not let it get to that point. Make jokes about the whole ordeal to keep things light.

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Once you have decided to go on board, do not hold back. Play your role as you should. If you are to be the dominating wife, do it perfectly and if you are to play the humiliated role, own it!

7. When you start to feel jealous, think of alternatives

Last but not least, if you feel that jealousy is beginning to overpower you, think of alternatives. For instance, if your wife wasn’t doing it there with you, she should have been probably indulging out there in your absence. These thoughts can be more comforting than you would expect them to be.

By Admin, Last Updated: May 1, 2023