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PositiveOverall Review

SwapFinder.com has been designed specifically to cater to the needs of swingers who are looking for swing couple. This site is popular largely owing to it's large and diverse user base. This site has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to browse through. One of its key attractions is the social network like layout that makes it easy to browse and interact with other swap couples.

PositiveSign Up Process

While signing-up on other dating sites can take a lot of time, it takes barely a few minutes to create an account on this site. When signing-up, users are required to fill in their basic information such as username, date of birth, email address, password, etc. Once the sign-up has been completed, an activation email is sent to the email ID that was provided. Once the activation email has been used to activate the account, the user can start using the features of this site.


  • 1 Month Gold $30 Billed Monthly
  • 3 Months Gold $60 Billed Quarterly ($20/mo)
  • 12 Months Gold $180 Billed Yearly ($15/mo)

PositiveMain Features

SwapFinder.com has the common features that are available on all sites alongside a few unique features of its own. Even though there are lot of features available on this, some of the features require the users to have a premium account to access the features. These premium accounts are obtained by buying monthly subscriptions. The main features of SwapFinder.com are:

  • Instant Message (IM)
  • This allows real time communication between users, leading to a better mode of communication than sending emails. This allows the users to talk to other users and find the user that best suits the demand. In other words, IM has made it easier to get to know other users and select the one that is best suitable. Thus, it is one of the key features of SwapFinder.com

  • Send and Receive Emails
  • Alongside Instant Message, the site also let's users send out and receive emails. This is another form of communication that users can use instead of IM to get to know others better. Often times, people use emails primarily before moving towards IM.

  • Online List
  • This shows a user the list of all online members. Doing so, the users can knock up members that seem fit and chat with them to get to know them rather than sitting idle and knocking up inactive or offline members.

  • Video Chat
  • Unlike Instant Message (IM), Video chats tend to be more intimate and only take place after the users trust each other. Video chats help develop more intimate and close association with other members and in most cases, helps users hook up or go out casually.

  • Chats Room
  • This is a chat thread with all the online members. This is more like a group chat where multiple people can communicate with each other and make the best use of socialization.

  • Forums and Articles
  • The forums and articles help guide users and also let's them share their thought much like the way people do it in social media. This helps in reaching out to other members and solving problems that require assistance.

  • Advanced Search
  • Rather than going through hundreds of profiles to find the profile that meets a user's respective demands, advanced search helps narrow down the list of people, making it easier to find the suitable partner.

  • Block Members
  • Often times there are scammers and members who just don't know when to stop. The only way to stop these annoying people is to block them. This block prevents them from making any further interaction with the user.

PositiveSearch System

SwapFinder.com uses advanced search options to let the users select the kind of users they are interested in. The system options available on SwapFinder.com are:

  • Online members
  • Distance from user
  • Gender
  • Sexual Preference
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age Range
  • Location
  • Languages
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Race
  • Skin Color
  • Body Size
  • Marital Status
  • Size of breast/penis

PositivePrivacy and Security

SwapFinder.com is trusted by many for it's advanced security and privacy protection. Being one of the top swap sites in the world, SwapFinder.com is responsible for the protection of privacy and security of a large user base. Google Safe Browsing has cleared the site meaning it is safe for visiting. Web Server Certificate promotes the fact that user's transactions are encrypted and thus is safe. Furthermore, the anti scam system present in the site prevents scammers and frauds from harming other users. Overall, it has pretty solid privacy and security mechanism.


Swapfinder.com lacks the smartphone support app that's available with most current dating sites, read Open and Feeld Review. However, the mobile version of the site is good enough to cover everything that's required. For user interaction, the site has Instant Message, Video Chats, Chat rooms, forums, etc. All these help users connect with each other and find the member that best meets their requirement.

PositiveBottom Line

With its diverse and large member base, SwapFinder.com is easily one of the top swinger sites out there. Even though there are certain flaws in the dating site, the features and facilities it provides its members in finding their perfect match easily outweighs the flaws, making it one of the best swap sites that anyone would love to visit.

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