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Are you a couple looking to add some spice to your relationship? Well, what you should go out for a hunt for is women looking for couples to get laid and hangout. Having a threesome is something that has often been recommended by sex therapists to couples having a bit of a lag in their sex life.

Well, the topic can be hushed, but it is something that you should be able to talk about with your partner. Getting it started can be challenging. It gets awkward when you think of how you will ask someone to have a threesome with you and where to source them. Luckily for you, women are looking for the same thing: which makes it a little bit easier for you. It is how you can get started.

1. The internet

First off, this is the information age. Nothing is impossible. You do not have to source someone from the neighborhood: which is very awkward. Especially if you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. The internet is there to help you go far and beyond to find a woman to hang out with. If you want to make your threesome fantasy a reality, the internet is the first place you should stop. There are many websites designed to help you with that. All that you are required to do is just to set up a profile and go on the hunt.

2. Do a pitch

Once you and your partner have created a profile, you will be required to sell yourselves — it all about making your offering appealing to a potential third. It is done through communication. Make your profile as attractive as possible and give the unicorns a reason to want to hang out with you. Give a good impression and make them feel safe. Also, for them to be convinced that they will be with the right couple, you need to show that you are also excited about the idea of hanging out and getting laid.

3. Make communication clear

You need to be entirely honest, concise and straightforward concerning what you want. Outlay your expectations and boundaries. It will go a long way in preventing awkwardness when all is said and done. It is the time when you will tell the unicorn what you are looking for, for instance, getting laid and hanging out. It is when you will say to her if you want the relationship to be ongoing and so on. The importance of being clear in your communication is that it will fetch you just the person you are looking for and someone who is comfortable with your specifications. If you are to enjoy your threesome, it should start here.

more than two

4. Talk through it

In your communication, it solely focused on what you want. Remember that you also need to involve the unicorn in making the rest of the decisions once you have found one. For instance, it is the time to go into details on what will be happening during your hangout. Are you going to go out for a drink first? Where will the threesome take place? What safety measures will you take to protect yourself from STIs? What happens after the threesome? Does the third go home or stay the night? Are you going to keep contacts or not? These are what you should discuss if everything is to go well during your encounter.

5. Let the third talk about her boundaries

You have already stated your limits. It is now time to give the unicorn a chance to say hers. Ask her what her expectations are. What does she want from your time together? What type of activities does she expect? Well, you might find that there are some lessons that you will also learn from her. She might have had the experience before, and you haven’t and may have some fun activities in mind. Remember that the hangout is not one-sided. The unicorn wants to have fun too and has desires of her own that she would love to be met. More so, there also are things she is not comfortable with. It is essential that you are aware of that so that everyone is happy about the hook up at the end of the day.

6. Take their pleasure into consideration

Do not be selfish, do not make the unicorn feel like a third wheeler. Engage them, compliment them as much as you do your partner. Also, make sure that they also have an orgasm. Remember that they will not have pleasure if they feel that their boundaries are not being respected. Care to respect their boundaries. Also, you need to appreciate their input in making you actualizing your fantasy.

7. Treat them well

This point will always be emphasized. You need to treat the unicorn like a human being: they are human beings. She also has feelings that you should care enough not to hurt. Remember that you are equal partners in this. So you should not at any point feel entitled. That means do not put your satisfaction first. You are there to pleasure each other and not for the unicorn to take care of your needs while hers are sidelined. Be very respectful to them and make them feel comfortable. If they are not okay with something respect that also.

Thinking about having a threesome is one thing and bringing the idea to life is another. It may be challenging at first, especially while finding someone to go on this adventure with. However, thanks to the internet, dating sites and swinger clubs, things have been made a lot easier. You can find a third right from the comfort of your office or home and learn a thing or two about them before you meet. When you find a third, you can always set up a separate date before the D-day so that you clear the air and reduce awkwardness on the big day. Also, remember to have fun!

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