Swing Like a Pro: 10 Must-Follow Rules for Novice Swingers Before Dating

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If you and/or your partner have never been swinging, better yet erotic networking, there are some rules you guys should follow. These rules can have your time go by smoothly and not have you look like you are so new to the scene.

The rules listed below will help guide anyone who wants to get into swinger dating have fun and some enjoyable moments all while being safe while they indulge.

Be Clean and Smell Nice

This is the first thing I want to bring up since you will be sharing your body with others.

Shouldn’t even have to be said but practicing good hygiene is not only a good way to be healthy it is also way to being safe, bad smells can mean infection or disease. You want to make sure you are not only clean but smell nice as well so a little perfume or cologne goes a long way.

You are not only doing this for yourself by the way, it is also for the other participants that are involved. You want to make sure that you have cleaned all the important areas that can have an odor.

If a bathroom is available you may want to take a cleaning break between activities to ensure freshness. Just go into your bag of tricks to grab the items you need, I’ll mention the bag-o-tricks again later.

You want to leave a lingering impression with your looks, actions and vibe you give off, not smell.

Bring Your Own Accessories

Now, let's talk about that bag-o-tricks.

Although you are going to a place where a fair amount of people are going to be it is a good idea to bring your own toys to the field. You’ve done all the research you could on swinger sites but you still don’t know what to bring other then yourself.

The most important items that you want to bring are condoms. It is important that you are being safe at all time by using protection that way you don’t take the risk of catching or spreading infection or disease.

get a room

It’s also a good idea to bring some light snacks cause you will work up an appetite, mouthwash foresure toothpaste is optional, a change of clothes in case of a mess, and something to clean yourself with like handy wipes or some rags, towels and soap.

You can also bring lubes and toys that you like to play with to make your time even more enjoyable as you make new memories and maybe even friends since you are already in sharing mood otherwise you wouldn’t be there.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Hey let's face it this is your first time, you are more than a bit nervous and don’t want to feel too awkward. It’s a good idea to toss a few back just to loosen up a bit but don’t overdo it.

You don’t want to get to the point where you are stumbling around knocking things and people over.

You are going to be in a very social environment and communication will be a key factor during your time at the gathering so you want to feel good but not so good that your speech is slurred.

Above all you don’t want to get wasted, you’ve read on some swinger websites that you want to have a level head at the event and not have consumed so much that you throw up all over the place.

Wouldn’t you hate to be engaged in a sexual activity then the next thing you know there’s barf all over you? Unless your into that sort of thing, in that case have a blast.

With that being said let’s get into our next topic.

Don’t Bring Drugs

Although, you may feel like you are the supreme sexual being when you are on cloud9 be sure that you leave your party favors(drugs) at home. I mean don’t get me wrong it's okay to have a little before you get there but don’t bring your stash with you.

Just like I mentioned earlier about drinking, you can consume enough to make you feel good but not some much that you are out of character or sick.

Not all people act the same when they are on drugs some people's demeanor and vibe entirely change.

With the mix of people’s vibes, hormones and emotion tensions can flare and a good time can escalate into a bad time very quickly. I mean we’ve all seen fights at a bar or nightclub and the lifestyle is a place of love not war.

Know the Naked Rules

You may want to find out beforehand if there's a naked rule at the place the event is being held on the swinger website where you found out about it.

Some places have rooms that when you enter you have to take your clothes off, others are as soon as you get there you undress. Be sure to follow these rules if you want to get the party started or keep the party going.

This may be hard to believe but some people are not comfortable walking around in the nude even if they are having sex and some people may be uncomfortable around others that are.

Know What Type of Party it is

When I say this I mean find out if there is a theme or is it a certain type of party you are going to. If there is one way to look like a total newbie that is out of place it’s to show up at toga party in a sexy halloween costume.

Of course, you will still get to participate but you will feel even odder and out of place being it is your first time and you showed up sticking out like a sore thumb.

One popular theme is and Anything But Clothes(ABC) party, this is where you show up in anything but clothes(Duh). For instance, you can show up in just a towel or a few brown paper bags, let your imagination soar.

You are in Control

Remember you are living out your fantasies while you are swinger dating so stick to the stuff that you like doing. If you see something you like to try but are a little nervous about it leave it for home experimentation.

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If at any moment if you start to feel uncomfortable you don’t have to continue, you can stop or even leave if you want to(room or party).

On the other hand, you have to remember about the other patrons taking part in all the fun so if you are told no or to stop, LISTEN TO THEM!

You just want to have fun while living out your deepest desires so remember if you don’t like something you can say no and listen to others if it is said to you as well no matter how faint or slight the infraction may seem.

No Photos Please

You are seeing things that you have only dreamed about or seen on the internet dealing with swinger dating and can’t believe that you are actually witnessing led alone taking place in it. Although, this is a perfect photo opportunity remember you want to respect the privacy of other party goers.

Some may want to remember these moments only as a memory but for the most part this is a private affair so no photos need to be taken.

Depending on the house rules you may have to turn in your phone and any other electronic device or you won’t be able to play.

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The Golden Rule

The main thing you want to do while attending these naked social events is to respect the wishes, feelings, ideas but most of all the bodies of others in attendance in turn you will be respected.

While initiating in the act of swinger dating you may feel amazing pleasure throughout your body and you along with the people there will not have control of your bodies while climaxing.

That is one of the reasons for what was stated earlier about taking no pictures. I know mine would be of me snotty nosed and crossed eyed and no one wants to document that.

The Buddy System

You will be so involved with others and having so much fun that you may lose track of you partner in all of the kaos.

But that also depends on the house rules of the venue, at some festivals you are not allowed to separate from your partner.

If that's not the case you want to keep up with your partner throughout the night to make sure that they are not only enjoying themselves but also having a mind-blowing safe time.