The Ultimate List of 8 Best Casual Sex Sites for FWB, ONS, and NSA Seekers

friends with benifits relationship

FWB or Friends With Benefits, ONS (One Night Stands), and NSA (No Strings Attached) scenarios sound the same, but are actually pretty different. And if you are someone interested in one or more of these types of hook-ups, you know that you need reliable resources to find your type of fun.

It helps to really understand what others mean or think when you use those acronyms in your online poly dating profile, so let’s look at each of them quickly to be sure you understand the differences between ONS, FWB and NSA.


Friends With Benefits are the most involved of the three low-key sexual relationships. This is NOT an actual relationship, but it could be that you end up in the same social circle or you see each other in the real world from time to time – but you are still both uninterested in a relationship. There will never be pressure for the other to meet up, respond, and so on. It is simply that you both agree that you can hook up at any time without any worries about commitment or romantic involvement.


One Night Stand is just as it sounds, this is pairing up with someone for ons dating & sex and having no plans to see them again – even for sex. It helps to know this part of it – that you intend to have no further communication or contact – because the person who responds to your ONS profile will not expect to hear from you again.


The No Strings Attached option may be better for you if you are looking for a one night stand but also the option to get in touch with that person again. However, there is no relationship implied. It means that anytime your NSA contacts by message or phone, you have no obligation to reply (and the same goes for them). An NSA hookup arrangement means you’ll meet for sex, and maybe make it a frequent thing, but also that neither of you intends to pursue a relationship or do anything beyond the moments you meet up.

So, which sounds like you? What is nsa sex? Maybe it’s a bit of one or two? The good news is that there are now many dating sites and apps that offer up ONS, NSA and FWB options and resources. And because you are not interested in these laid-back types of relationships because you want to put a lot of work or effort into them, they all make it easier than ever to enjoy the sex life of your dreams. Yet, not all sites are alike, and so we recommend the following 8 fwb sites for their ease of use, high number of like-minded users, and good chances for success.

So, whether you want an NSA thing, a FWB relationship or an ONS, we highly recommend exploring these options:

• Ashley Madison • Adult Friend Finder • No Strings Attached • Headed Affairs • U Lust • Passion • Fling • C-Date

It doesn’t matter how often you are looking to hook-up, what sort of arrangements you are looking to make, and whether you want to get to know someone first or just get busy, the following ONS, NSA, or FWB options are the right way to go.

affair relation


Famous for being an adultery-focused casual sex site, it is an obvious choice for the ONS, FWB and NSA crowd. Whether you are married or single, an account here could be the ideal resource for a no commitment affair sexual encounter.

Why We Like It

With its amazingly easy to use format and navigational tools, as well as its massive number of active accounts, it enables you to easily search for, find and arrange a hookup of any kind.

Pros or Cons?

We’d like to see a matching feature in addition to the site’s in-depth search tool, and it would be great to have community options like a chat or forum. Of course, this site is famous for its security breach that resulted in all of its user's names entering the public domain, but they have since locked down their security. It is also most effective if you pay the membership fee.

chatting for ons


This site (and its app) is known as one of the most effective fwb dating for anyone eager to hookup in the real world and even the virtual world. When you are looking for NSA FWB arrangement, this site’s detailed profile and search options really help you to find just what you’ve been looking for.

Why We Like It

It has more than 70 million members and ranks as one of the most popular options for any sort of sexual desire. Whether single, involved, seeking a unicorn, threesomes, or any type of NSA, FWB or ONS options, you’ll be able to find lots of opportunities.

The app and site are free to use, but you get the very best results when you pay for your membership. Once a member, you can join in on forums, watch live videos, participate in group chats, message privately, find local activities, and more. There are even “sex academy courses” to help you amp up your skill set.

What’s really ideal about this site is its options for profile details, letting you tell the other searchers exactly what you are seeking.

Pros or Cons?

There are not many “downsides” to this site (with 25 million actively logging in and using it every month and those 70+ million members, it clearly has lots to offer). However, we’d love to see a data-driven matching system rather than just the rich search alone.

no strings attached relationship


Clearly, this is one of best nsa dating sites designed for the NSA fans, but it works well for the FWBs and the ONSs to find nsa sex near me, too. It caters specifically to those (single or married) eager to have a commitment-free encounter.

Why We Like It

With online and real-world interactions, you can enjoy discreet and casual sex of any kind. It is one of the few options with a data-driven matching system and provides very reliable privacy features.

Pros or Cons?

Amazingly easy to use and navigate, the only downside is also one of the pros – that privacy just mentioned. Logging in can be a bit more time-consuming because of password issues, and because privacy is a big issue for those having affairs, this is a site only (no app). You also have to pay for the widest array of features.

affair realtionship


This one is a bit different because it goes a bit outside of the ONS, FWB and NSA design. It focuses on married or involved people looking to cheat, though singles do make themselves available.

Why We Like It

This is a good affair site if you are uncomfortable using traditional dating sites because it is clear that you are probably looking to cheat. It provides an easy to use format and is full of others genuinely interested in an affair.

Pros or Cons?

This is a relatively new site and so it needs a bit more time to prove itself, but it has quickly risen in popularity because it is private, easy to use, and full of actual people looking for casual, but discreet sex. It requires membership for the most functions.

casual dating


Casual dating, i.e., Uberhoney, is the focus of this site, making it perfect for those who want a hookup without any other sort of commitment. If short term sounds about right for you, then you’ll want to explore its options.

Why We Like It

Designed for couples and singles, it is one of fling-focused top sex sites. It does not have a large user base just yet but does have a lot of activity. It requires membership for the best results.

Pros or Cons?

Membership provides you with a guaranteed number of “proposals” and unlimited messaging. You only pay when you make your first contact. It does not have a dynamic matching feature, though, so you’ll do most of the searching and communication.

Affair image web


This is one of the most visual of FWB sites and is a very interactive experience. It has an enormous number of registered accounts and even a “get laid guarantee”.

Why We Like It

This is easily one of the most feature-rich of all options with matching, cybersex tools, and lots of customization. Naturally, to enjoy all of these functions, a paid membership is required.

Pros or Cons?

We love that sign up takes less than a minute and that it works for all needs, i.e., single, married, FWB, groups, and so on. This site has so much, though, it can be overwhelming to the newbie, and we would love to see some sort of matching rather than search-focused tools.

ways to attract hot women


Whether you are single, part of a couple or even part of a group (three or more), this site is probably a good choice for you to have casual hookups. It is all about consensual sex and features a tremendous array of photos, videos and resources.

Why We Like It

A large membership base, and a very active one, along with all of the site’s features make it perfect for those interested in NSA, ONS or FWB activities. With real world and online interactions, it can work for anyone. It is one of the most interactive and community-oriented sites.

Pros or Cons?

We’d love to see an app for this site, and a more dynamic set of preferences or profile settings would make it easier to quickly find a like-minded sexual partner or partners. This site requires membership for the fullest functionality.

find casual relationship


Sexfinder is a feeling of strong, even distracting and sexual desire casual sex website. This site has been designed for anyone who is feeling lust of any kind. It functions mostly as an NSA site and can be used by singles and involved people.

Why We Like It

With its no monkey business approach, this site tells you right away that its only goal is to help you hook up with another NSA person. You can create a free profile easily and begin browsing the site right away.

Pros or Cons?

Like a lot of best sex websites, though, this one lets you do nothing more than register and take a look at who else is out there. If you want to message anyone, do a more in-depth search or use the site’s other features, it is going to require one of their two membership options.

Now that you have a basic idea of the top 8 casual sex websites for the ONS, FWBs and NSA options for dating apps and sites, it’s time to login to one or more of them and test your luck.

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