Explore Plural Love with the Top 10 Polyamorous Dating Sites & Apps of 2023

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More couples are realizing the value of polyamory and polyamorous dating sites & apps. Not everyone can stick to the same person for a lifetime, so with the consent of their partner, they have relationships with other people. Sometimes, both partners are polyamorous and in a relationship with another person. The amount of partners can be one, two, or however many you want.

Finding other people who are into polyamory can be a challenge, but as the lifestyle continues its normalization, there are websites that cater to polyamorous needs. Here are some of them.

1. Ashley Madison

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AshleyMadison has had some infamy due to the fact that it’s a poly dating site and polyamorous dating app centered around affairs. This is also a discreet website where people meet up to date without anyone knowing. Its theme of discreetness continues with not being able to link the website to a social media account, and it encourages using a throwaway email to register.

The website has tools to help mask your face and you can control who can look at your photos. You can customize your inbox too and reply to people you do like with the Quick Reply feature.

If you want to meet up people while you travel, they have a traveling feature. Make connections and then have some fun once your plane lands.

Even though it’s an affair website, it has seen popularity with the polyamorous communities who are not having affairs. We recommend checking it out with the consent of your partner.

2. Adult Friend Finder

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AdultFriendFinder is one of the biggest poly friendly dating sites for casual and alternative daters. People who are looking for NSA relationships, people who swing, and of course, polyamorous couples.

It’s more than a dating site. There is an entire community you can enjoy once you pay the registration fee. You can talk to other polyamorous couples about how they go about their lifestyle and the challenges that come with it. You can cam and earn some money, or share your erotic encounters. Reading other people’s stories is quite productive as well, as you can learn quite a lot from them.

There are groups, forums, and stories dedicated to polyamorous dating as well. If you have any questions about the lifestyle, want to hear success stories, or are just curious about the scene, you can peruse the forums and see what you can find.

There aren’t just people who are looking for a casual fling, either. You can find a polyamorous partner as well who is committed to a relationship and wants to find more love. There are many people who are in Adult Friend Finder and who are trying to find a relationship that will last a long time. We say give the website a try and see what you can find.

3. Feeld

Feeld is an app designed for non-monogamous dating couples, previously known as 3nder. It is a sex-positive platform that encourages exploration of relationships beyond traditional norms. After signing up, users can link their accounts with their partners, upload photos, and specify preferences. The app's filters enable users to customize their experience on polyamorous dating sites by selecting the type of individuals they wish to see, such as couples or women. The community is inclusive, providing more than 20 gender and sexual identities to choose from.

According to Gabrielle Smith, a Non-Monogamy Educator and Board Member of the Organization for Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy, if you practice non-monogamy, then you must be familiar with Feeld. The app is well-suited for all types of alternative relationship styles and is particularly accepting of kink and various desires. Feeld allows you to create group chats with potential singles, couples, or groups, and you can even link your profile with your partner's on the app.

4. Swap Finder

swap finder homepage screenshot

SwapFinder is a website focused on the swinging culture. As the name implies, it’s about swapping partners. However, like many alternative dating websites, polyamorous couples who are looking for a relationship are more than welcome.

Swap Finder’s claim to fame is that it has sexy couples who live you. No longer do you have to deal with couples who just aren’t your type or have nothing in common with you. Everything is easily accessible and you’re sure to find your partner here.

While you’re in the polyamorous dating site, check out their magazine section as well. This is where the community talks about sex, posts their own articles, and writes about the alternative lifestyle. It’s worth it if you want to hear more from polyamorous couples. Successful stories, cautionary tales, the list goes on! Give this site a whirl. We believe you’ll like it.

4. Bicupid

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Bicupid has dating for all sorts of niches, including the polyamorous life. Like all of the other free poly dating sites, Sister Wives is design to be a safe place for polyamorous couples or just those who are curious about the lifestyle to express themselves.

The philosophy behind this website is simplicity. They don’t believe you should waste your time looking for people who don’t want anything to do with your polyamorous lifestyle. Nor should you have conversations that lead to nowhere. The point of Sister Wives is to cut the small talk and get to dating.

Once you customize your profile, you can meet polyamorous couples near you and see whether or not there is something fruitful to come out of the date. Chances are, you can find someone with Be Naughty.

Bicupid has many other dating pools as well. You can date fellow geeks, have gay relationships, and much more. It’s designed to be the one-stop place for everyone’s needs, and we believe that the site does this well.

Overall, Bi cupid is definitely worth checking out. The flirts may be quick, but your experiences in this site can last you a long, long time.

5. Open Minded

open minded homepage screenshot

Open Minded is focused on purely open relationships, and it’s designed to be the safest poly dating spot for couples to express themselves.

It has its own content section as well, telling you all there is to know about open relationships. You can read about whether you should be in an open relationship, how to establish rules, and more. It’s great for both newcomers and veterans who want to learn something new.

For those who are newer to the scene, the jargon used by polyamorous/open communities can be confusing. Open Minded has an entire glossary dedicated to the many different terms you’ll see thrown around. What is a unicorn? What are all the gender identities? You can find them all in the glossary section.

As the name implies, Open Minded is for people who have an open-minded relationship. You don’t need to be full-on polyamorous to check it out. Monogamous couples who are curious can check out the scene and see if it’s right for them. It’s a great polyamorous website for veteran polyamorous couples and newcomers alike. We say give it a try.

6. Polyamory Dating

polyamory dating homepage screenshot

This website has a unique URL that is just polyamory.dating. It focuses more as a pure social network dedicated to polyamorous couples. You can blog, meet new people, read some articles about polyamorous dating, and help contribute to the polyamorous lifestyle.

There is less discreetness in this site, as the creator believes that you should be afraid to express yourself however you see fit. The website focuses on the idea that monogamy can be toxic. Whatever you think about monogamy, the creator believes couples should be free to explore other options. You can even sign up via Facebook if you want to. Of course, you can be completely discreet if you want to and use a throwaway email. However, you may get less bites.

There is some level of privacy, however. The website itself is a secure SSL, and you can view anywhere from a private location. This can help protect you from hackers, or people who you don’t want looking at your information.

Overall, it’s a unique polyamory website that we believe is worth checking out. If you want to find your polyamorous partner, sign up for it.

7. Beyond Two

beyond two homepage screenshot

Beyond Two is a free polyamory dating site that allows you to find other people instantly. Like many social media websites, you can friend people, message them, ask questions, have discussions, and do everything else you can with a social media account. There are no catches, either. You can send however many messages you want. You can even control who sees your posts, just like Facebook. The profile is completely customizable.

What makes Beyond Two unique is their group feature. Similar to Facebook groups, you can make a group about anything you want, and you can focus it on a certain location or sexual orientation. This allows you to meet people who are close to you or share similar values and attractions. You can make friends and relationships this way.

Overall, it’s one of amazing polyamory sites with plenty of unique features. We can’t believe all of this is free. If you’re looking for a website to kickstart your polyamory life, or you want to check it out of pure curiosity, give Beyond Two a try. There are many articles you can read as well that give you an insight into the world of polyamory.

Few more poly dating apps that can have a look are OKCupid, Polyfinda and Bumble

There is No Shame in Being Polyamorous!

Polyamory is a concept that needs to be more normalized. Many think of it as cheating, or an excuse to have sex with as many people as possible. However, there is much, much more to it. Some people are hardwired to have relationships with more than one person. It’s natural for many species, so it makes sense that some humans would feel this way.

As long as all parties consent to the relationship, there are no miscommunications, and jealousy doesn’t arise, a polyamorous relationship can be just as good, if not better, than a monogamous.

If you and your partner are interested in polyamorous dating, have a conversation about it and give these websites a try. They are friendly towards newcomers, and you can dip your toes in the pool.

Happy poly dating!

By Admin, Last Updated: May 20, 2023