Discover the 7 Best Unicorn Dating Sites for Couples Seeking a Third Wheel

Are you part of a “dyad” (a traditional, committed couple), but eager to find a unicorn and become a “triad”? Maybe you are a single and interested in unicorn dating – that is becoming the third person to join a couple. Either way, you will be happy to know that many dating and hookup sites are offering help for the unicorn hunter and unicorns of the world.

Know What You Want When Setting out to Find a Unicorn

Before we look at a few of the most reputable spots to find a unicorn or do some unicorn dating, it is helpful to fully understand this sort of relationship. Technically, it is a form of polyamory – that is when an individual or couple maintains multiple sexual (sometimes romantic) relationships with the full knowledge of all involved.

Unicorn Dating is Not the Same as One-Time Threesomes

Typically, a unicorn hunter is actually a couple and more often than not a heterosexual couple. However, there are no fixed rules about this, and it could be that one or both are bisexual. They will seek a male or female to be their unicorn, and there are a few expectations of the unicorn. The most significant is that the unicorn does not demand or do anything that will cause problems or ruptures in the couple’s relationship. Instead, the unicorn is the boyfriend or girlfriend to the couple.

Using a Unicorn Hunter Resource

As long as the unicorn knows that they should not interact with one part of the couple, but always both, and that everyone is prepared for the situation, it can be a great way to enhance each participant’s sexual life and even romantic life. If it doesn’t quite work out, that’s okay! Returning to monogamy or using the resources below to find a unicorn more compatible with you is an option!

Though all of the sites below come highly recommended, you still want to be sure that your goal is unicorn dating. Take time to work together to list the characteristics you seek, the sort of terms you want within the triad, and whether or not you are looking strictly for sex or if you are considering a more emotional bond with the unicorn selected. Doing this ensures you get the most out of the unicorn dating sites you use.

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Best Unicorn Dating Sites and Apps

If you are open-minded about unicorn dating, these are the most reliable sources:

Adult Friend Finder - Best place to find a unicorn

This currently rates as the world’s best unicorn dating site for the unicorn hunter couple or the individual eager to become a unicorn. With tens of millions of registered accounts (around 90 million at this writing), it clearly has plenty of options for the unicorn hunter. In fact, it may be the best place to find a unicorn or become one because its membership is open to all kinds of relationships and experiences. It works for threesome dating as well as unicorn hunting, and the profile options allow you to make it very clear just what you want.

Whether a couple or a unicorn, you can quickly create your account and begin building your profile. The resources open to those with a paid membership are far better than trying to use it for free. For example, with the paid option you get use of the webcams and chat functions, you can share and receive photos and videos and you get the full details of the other member profiles. You can use the “send flirts” options, make friend requests, and interact with fellow unicorns or couples considering this sort of lifestyle.

Find Your Threesome - Couple seeking unicorn

The serious unicorn hunters look here because this site is specifically designed for those who want to meet couples, find unicorns or even engage in group sexual encounters. One of the first sites to address this niche, it is also one of the most open in terms of the images allowed on user profiles. Videos and pictures are available to all, but it is the paid memberships that enable the chat rooms and blogs that offer even more fun and opportunity.

The site is very easy to use and as advanced search functions that let you narrow down the options to the profiles best fitted to your desires. There are a lot of active users, and they also make model cams available, which can be distracting, so stick to your work as a unicorn hunter and this site will have you unicorn dating as a couple very quickly.


Threesome Friend Finder - Finding a unicorn for couples

As the name of this site implies, it is about helping people enjoy threesomes. It is an ideal unicorn dating site for a couple eager to find a unicorn or anyone interested in polyamory. That is why you want to take time building your profile and designing your searches with this site. If you are a unicorn hunter make it known in your searches and any activities you enjoy in the chats and messaging. This site is not specifically for those only interested in unicorn dating, though. So, just be aware that your paid membership may get you attention from other couples, singles, and so on – but you’ll have to be clear that your goal is to find a unicorn.

Swap Finder - Unicorn in polyamory

This is one of the most popular polyamory sites and really gets it where multiple romantic and sexual relationships are the focus. Whether you want to find a unicorn or be the unicorn, this site is built around the concept. Keep in mind that it is also heavily used by threesomes, couples just experimenting with the concept of additional partners, and swapping. It is feature-rich for paid members and allows flirting and messaging, a “hotlist” for those you are interested in contacting, voice messaging, group discussions, blogs, and even gift giving options. Chatrooms are very popular, and with advanced searching you can get very serious about unicorn dating.

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You now have several reputable ways to begin unicorn dating or succeed as a unicorn hunter. Just like with any dating sites, take the time to build your profile and be careful in your searches and you should soon find the single eager to join a triad or the couple looking for you to become their unicorn.

By Admin, Last Updated: May 1, 2023