The Injustice of Craigslist T4M Closure: How Politicians are Failing the Trans Community

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Trans Rights in America

The transgender community has continued to fight for their rights and against discrimination. In recent years, and typically under liberal administrations, the American trans community has made significant strides towards equity—particularly as it relates to relationships and discrimination against them.

For example, in 2009, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was passed and signed into law; this bill added gender identity to the list of characteristics that could fall under a hate crime.

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Just six years later, in 2015, the Supreme Court case Obergefell vs. Hodges declared same-sex marriage legal—meaning trans people could marry whomever, regardless of either’s biological sex.

However, even with such significant progress, the trans community continues to fight for their rights, their existence and their safety—particularly under Trump’s administration. Just a few months ago, in October 2018, the Trump administration announced that it was seeking to change the definition of gender.

Under Obama’s administration, the definition loosened—which allowed those that did not identify as their biological sex to participate in federal programs, like education and health care. Now, the new, conservative administration seeks to define gender as “immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.”

Trans Rights Abroad

Unfortunately, Trump’s America is not the only place the trans community is facing political challenges or safety issues. In Sweden, after several reports of rampant sexual assault at music festivals, a Swedish comedian put together The Statement Festival. The festival, which first took place in late August 2018, was advertised as only being open for “women, non-binary, and transgender” individuals; this was in an effort to protect these vulnerable populations from cis men, while enjoying a traditional music festival.

Unfortunately, Sweden’s discrimination ombudsmen ruled the event and organizers were engaging in gender discrimination. Thankfully, the organizers are not being punished—but where else can the trans community guarantee their safety at public events?

In India, the parliament recently passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill—even though the initial bill was proposed over four years ago. Unfortunately, the Indian trans community does not truly gain any protections under this new bill.

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Instead, this bill, which does not address the right to marriage or adoption, actually takes away the trans community’s right to identify themselves. Instead of declaring you are a trans-man or trans-woman, now a third party committee will have the power to legal define your gender and gender identity for you.

Even in Russia, where the treatment of the LGBT+ community is historically terrible, the trans community faces daily challenges. “Transsexualism” is even listed as a personality and behavior disorder; this designation allows government officials to deny driver’s licenses to members of the trans community.

Members of the LGBT+ community are prohibited from spreading resources and support measure to younger members of the community, as it is deemed propaganda. Additionally, there are laws that essentially ban all LGBT+ culture, events or protests in public; and, unfortunately, many members of the LGBT+ community have been jailed for violations of these laws and others.

Connections in the Trans Community

With all the political issues, the threats to their safety and rights, trans people are often afraid of being “out” in public, and would rather just be “out” to a few friends or family.

Unfortunately, this can often make it difficult to for the trans community to connect with each other and with allies—particularly for romantic or sexual encounters, let alone just for friendly companions.

MUST READ: Craigslist M4M Sites & Apps

Some trans people use Craigslist to meet and connect with one another; while the “Personals” section of Craigslist was suddenly shut down by the U.S. Government, the “Missed Connections” section has seemingly taken its place. Plenty of posts use “t4m” and similar tags to identify their posts as a trans individual searching for companionships.

“T4M” stands for trans for men—meaning the individual posting is a trans person looking to connect with men. Similar tags include “m4t” (men for trans person), “w4t” (woman for trans person), and “t4w” (trans person for woman). Sample postings in the “Missed Connections” section read: You were over 50+ used to come visit me T4M; and I'm a young guy looking for someone for m4t or m4m.

Thankfully, beyond the “Missed Connections” section, there are other sites where members of the trans community can seek connection with one another, or with like-minded allies. Online engagement helps trans people connect with one another socially and emotionally (and in a safe, low-risk environment), before opting to meet one another in person.

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These online spaces include This social networking site is meant to help consenting adults of all genders and sexual orientations find connections and other consenting adults. When registered, transgender is an option, and will match you by gender preference, sexual orientation, or a particular type of hookup (like cybersex or threesomes), to others in your area. This website is meant specifically for trans people to find friendship, romantic, and/or sexual connections with accepting and affirming individuals. You can have a free or a paid account for this sit. It is another trans-specific networking and dating website; however, this website is specific for t4m, or trans people looking for men. This website is also unique, as its staffed team is composed of (and for!) trans women! This website focuses specifically on find relationships, rather than just a casual hookup. If that is what you are looking for, you can sign up for free today and be matched with others in your area! This free website provides chat rooms for members of the trans community to connect in. Their website states that if your gender isn’t defined, URNA may be for you!

In such a politically-charged climate, it is increasingly difficult to genuinely connect with one another; however, the trans community can rely on these trusted sites to create and build connections!

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