10 Best Dating Apps to Find New Friends or Start a More Serious Relationship

dating app for real relationship

Are you looking to meet someone new? Maybe you are looking for a relationship that could lead to something serious. Perhaps you are simply looking for some new friends. You will find that certain dating apps can help you find just what you need. Below, we’ll be taking a very brief look at 10 of the best options available today.


This dating app has a lot going for it. The app works with iOS and Android, and it has a cheap monthly price. It doesn’t take the same approach as the swipe right apps like Tinder. Instead, the focus is put on relationships and conversations between people.

This app allows you to create a better and more complete profile, where you can add stories and pictures.


Quality over quantity is the name of the game here. The approach to this app is to help people find the right matches. Men get sent a selection of potential matches daily and women are then sent matches from people who are interested in them. If both are agreeable, the app will allow you to chat with one another.

It’s simple. There isn’t a lot of stress, and the app was redesigned to make the UI even easier to understand. It can be a good option for those who are looking for the best dating apps. Again, it’s available for iOS and Android.


Bumble is a name that’s been gaining quite a bit of traction over the course of the last couple of years. It works for Android and iPhone, and it’s another option that’s easy to get set up and use. This app can be good for dating, as well as to make new friends.

It works differently from Tinder, though. When people connect, women will be the ones who can make the first move. After 24 hours, though, you have 24 hours to make a connection, or it vanishes. If you aren’t looking for dates, there are features for just friends.


Without a doubt, Tinder is one of the best dating app options available today. It’s a “swipe right” type of app, and it might seem as though it causes people to make shallow judgments about people. However, it does make it faster and easier to meet with potential people in the area that might be interested in dating.

It is available for both iOS and Android, and it’s easy to use. this is one of the reasons that it’s a popular dating app. It doesn’t take long to set up a profile and to get fully acquainted with how everything works.


Here is another legitimate dating app that could be perfect for you. It has more than 35 million members. This site has a lot of people who are looking for more casual hookups, so if you are looking for something more serious, it might take a little longer to find what you want.

It has a relatively low cost, and it is available around the world. It has a swipe feature similar to what you will find with Tinder and other sites. It can be used with Android or iOS, and there is a desktop version, as well.


Badoo is overflowing with users. There are more than 370 million people on the site, which makes it the perfect app to make friends around the world or to meet new friends in your area.

You have several ways to connect with this app. You could use a swiping system like Tinder, or you could view profiles of people who are nearby. The service also works hard to verify that accounts are from real people. It’s a free app, but you can also opt for premium credits.


Hily stands for Hey, I Like You, and it is a decent app with an average user cost. There are around 2 million members, and it can work well to find potential dates. It utilizes AI to determine how compatible members are going to be.

While it does have a smaller user base than some other sites, you will find that the number of fake profiles is very small. This is because the system has a strict verification policy. The app is available for iOS and Android users.


What about this dating app? It is a location-based social discovery app with around 2 million members around the world. The platform is geared toward singles as well as couples who are looking for threesome dating or swinger experiences that are somewhat more adventurous.

The app uses location and interests to help people connect. It’s available for iOS and Android users, but there’s no desktop version. There are both free and premium services available for the app.


This is a good dating app that has some interesting features that help to set it apart. It’s not just easy to use but it also has a system known as Flavors, which can make it easier to match with LBGT community, polyamorous and the right people. There are also personality quizzes, integration with Instagram, and more features that help to make it a standout.

The free version of the app is serviceable, but the premium subscription will provide a range of other important features.


This is a location-based service that can show you the profiles of other users that you might’ve crossed paths with at some point. For example, you might’ve both been in Upstate New York visiting Lake George at the same time last year. This gives you something to start talking about with the person. It’s not just one of the best free dating apps, but there is a paid version that lets you connect with other profiles, too.

Do any of these popular dating apps seem like they might be a good fit for you? These sites have a good reputation and could be ideal whether you’re looking for a friend or something more. Check them out today to find the type of relationships you want.

By Admin, Last Updated: May 1, 2023