Finding a Unicorn: The Ultimate Guide for Couples Seeking a Third Partner

Are you looking to improve your relationship? Do you want to experience sex from a different perspective with your partner? Are you looking to have a threesome with your partner? Then you must be wondering where to start.

Finding a girlfriend to bring into the mix of your sexual intimacies can be tough if it's your first time. But it shouldn’t be the case. There are various ways that couples looking for threesomes can find a girlfriend to spice up their bedroom affairs. However, it all depends on the couple's trustfulness and jealousy levels as most women may find it hard to share their man.

find a girlfriend

However, as you shall find out, if you use these three methods to find girls looking for threesomes, you will certainly have the best threesome of your life. Just discuss it out with your partner and make boundaries to guide you.

1. Online

The simplest and easiest way for couples to find a girlfriend, to share their bed with, is through threesome apps and adult sites for couples. These have been specifically created to link up any couple looking for a threesome with another similar couple. Furthermore, there are thousands of girls looking for threesomes in these apps and you're most likely going to find the best fit for you.

You should, however, ensure that you use the best site to find a threesome to guard yourselves from falling into the hands of strangers with ill intentions. The best site or app may help you select a trustworthy girlfriend that has undergone rigorous health and background checks to mitigate any risks associated with having threesome with strangers. With one of these threesome apps, you can easily communicate with your to-be third partner and get a feel of who they are before jumping straight into business.

2. Among Friends

Another safe way for a couple looking for a threesome to find a girlfriend is by looking through their social circles. One of the partners could have a colleague at work who may have implied that they were looking to do the same. Maybe there could be a friend of a friend of a friend who intended to have a threesome. This way, you can end up having a third partner in bedroom from someone you know and can easily trust.

However, the problem to this is that strings could end up attached and feelings diverted. Just ensure you discuss with your partner and if you're not okay to have a close friend as your third partner, you can always resort to method number one. If the friend is just one of those girls looking for threesome and is okay with having no strings attached, then you can reach a consensus.

3. Swingers club

First of all, swingers are couples or people who are interested in swapping out their partners and engaging in sex with multiple partners while still maintaining their main partner. In other words, they are in an open relationship. A swingers club or swinger website is therefore an organization of a group of people who assemble with the purpose to swap out partners and engage in sex with people who are not their partners.

This can be a good place for a couple looking to have a threesome to find a girlfriend to spice up their bedroom affairs. It should be noted that getting a girlfriend from such a place may not be the safest option and the experience should be approached with utmost care. A significant number of Swinger clubs, however, vet their members before allowing them to join. Check if this is the case with your local swingers club.

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