Unicorn Hunting Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Candidate

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Hunting has never been an easy job. Regardless of what you are hunting. You have had some house hunting to do even if it was helping a friend. The experience is not always pretty. You find something that intrigues you then another attribute ruins everything.

When you talk about unicorn hunting, you are talking about going out there with the hope that someone is holding the same fantasies as you are. Well, you might carry some similarities and some differences too. It is for this reason that you need to be particular and prepared to go on this hunt. Trust you need it. You also need to be psychologically ready for a few disappointments along the way. However, you should be motivated as at the end of the day; you will have your fantastic unicorn. The following is a guide on you should go about this hunt.

1. Define what you actually like

If you have had a kinky fetish, remember that it is time to bring your fantasy into reality. You need to know what you want. It is the part that you let your partner in and discuss what you feel and what your fantasies are too. Note that a lot more will be involved here that is, regarding both emotions and logistics.

What exactly should you be talking about? One is both of your fantasies, which you have been wanting to actuate. The activity line up is worth the discussion, boundaries and the type of unicorn relationship you are looking for: bdsm relationship or bisexual. Communication is key.

2. Attend a unicorn event

Once you have everything in order, you should now be ready to go out on a hunt. Where should you look? A unicorn event is a perfect place to start. You can attend a unicorn night in your locality. You can check online on your area’s event scheduler to find out when and where such an event will be held.

What makes a unicorn event the best place to look is the fact that everyone there has the same interests as you. Everyone in attendance is looking to explore their sexuality. This should make everything easy for you. Have fun as you mingle and you and your part may bump into the ideal unicorn in the process.

3. Whatever you do, do not objectify the unicorn

This is the part that most couples go wrong. Most will end up making the unicorn feel like an object. That should not be the case. The unicorn too has desires of her own that she needs to satisfy. You should, therefore, engage her instead. Do not make a unicorn feel like an outsider. She is part of this by all means. Thus, if you are flirting, you should be flirting with her too.

It is important to note that you should be able to address issues of insecurity with your partner before you set out on the hunt. It is what makes a couple end up objectifying the unicorn. It would only be fair if the unicorn had a sense of belonging too. Include her emotionally, mentally and physically.

4. Be generous

By being generous, it does not mean being generous with bucks or food back at your apartment. Be generous in pleasuring the unicorn too. Do not get caught up in the idea of finally finding your couple a unicorn and forget that the unicorn in question also has desires of her own.

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How to go about it? Very simple. There are only a few questions that you need to ask the unicorn, and you can be sure as hell that she will enjoy the encounter. Start by asking what turns them on. Ask them how they love to be touched. The things that she would like for you to do for her and so on. Help the unicorn achieve her sexual fantasies too in this union.

5. Constantly seek consent

If you are a good observer, maybe you might not need to be as inquisitive on how the unicorn is feeling. One thing you ought to remember though: you are new to this person. You all do not know how the other party expresses enjoyment. At this point, you cannot afford to make any assumptions.

If you are not sure about anything, please feel free to ask. By seeking consent, you should not only focus on what the partner enjoys. You should also be asking if you are crossing ay boundaries. Seeking approval will help you learn on the job. At the end of the day, no one will go home wondering why they showed up in the first place.

6. Unicorn hunting don’ts

There are a few things that will get in the way of you ever finding a unicorn. First of all, if you are hunting for a unicorn online, you should ditch the habit of using a fake profile. Using someone else’s picture for your profile is a no. The moment you meet the unicorn, and she finds out that you are not the person she thinks she has been talking to all along, it will be a loss for you. That is a loss for you.

Overstepping a boundary will just make the whole thing unenjoyable. You also need to be clear regarding what happens after humping. Are you keeping the unicorn for a long-term relationship? Will you exchange contacts? Will you be spending the night together? This should be discussed beforehand to avoid awkwardness. As much as you pay attention to the unicorn, you should be mindful of your partner’s feelings. If they are not okay with something, it would be better if you quit.

It never hurts if everyone comes with a box of their condoms. You need them to protect yourselves from STIs and unwanted pregnancies: extra protection will always be welcome if you are feeling awkward, having a date before the D-day is recommended to break the ice.

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