A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Unicorn Match on Dating Sites

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Couples and people in relationships have in the last few years taken it up to themselves to explore their sexual fantasies and experiment to spice up things in the bedroom. Unicorns are a major part in these sexual fantasies if not the biggest part. A unicorn in the sexual context refers to a person who is willing to be a third party in a sexual relationship with a couple for pleasure or other reasons. It's either a one-time thing or an occasional thing. Unicorns can either be guys or ladies. These people coined this name because like they are quite rare to come across.

Couples that want to get jiggy with unicorns often find it hard to find a right fit for them. However, because these days there are many dating sites serving different kinds of need, it may be easier to find a unicorn if you do your search right. Here are a few tips on how to go about looking for a unicorn to help you and your partner achieve and explore your sexual fantasies.

1. Make the internet your friend

With the internet being around for a while and having evolved so much it is virtually possible to find anything and everything off the internet. Yes, even the ever so rare unicorns. Unicorns are hard to find like the actual unicorns, so it is essential to keep and eye out on dating sites which are known to have some unicorn profiles on there.

If you want either a male or female unicorn, you will have to go through as many profiles to make sure you are getting a good deal. You and your partner should put up a profile and be honest and open about your fantasies. After creating a profile, look out for unicorn profiles on dating sites like Adultfriendfinder, Tinder and any other sites that are tailored for threesomes easier way to spot unicorn is to look for a unicorn emoji in people's bios. When you find one that you think may be a match made in heaven hit the road running, and initiate communication.

2. Sell your product

In this case, you and your partner. This you will do by creating a great profile for yourself. As you both know what you want and who you want for your threesome make sure you communicate this well. In your profile include this information. You and your partner need also to describe yourselves in a very appealing way. Including a sexy photo of yourselves is also a plus. As much as you know you want to find a unicorn to join you in your threesome you need to ask yourself why the person you want to join your party. Therefore you need to have more to offer than just looks and appeal. You need to make sure that your profile communicates your values. They need to know and feel that you will provide safety and also help them satisfy their sexual desires too because unicorns are also humans like yourselves.

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3. Clarify what you want and run everything through in advance

After getting your potential unicorn from the dating sites you now need to deal with business, that should be the threesome. So, no one can be faulted for doing or not doing something that they were not meant to or meant to if they don't know the dynamics at all. Therefore, you should clarify what you want, do you want a threesome as a one-time thing? Do you want it to be a regular relationship? What do you want to be done to you and your partner? What don't you want to be done? What are the boundaries? You need to address such questions and talk them through with the unicorn. Also if you have any proposals for your unicorn, you need to let her know in advance so that she can express her willingness or not to perform certain acts.

Things, like using protection during the threesome and also your fears, should be put on the table. Things could go left unexpectedly, and you need to discuss both the best and worst case scenarios in advance. It doesn't hurt to plan and run through things in advance, and it's always best to be prepared.

4. Take your unicorn out

The secret to a great ménage à trois is great chemistry. If you want to know if you and your unicorn will strike and attraction and understanding, then a great way is by taking her out on a date as a couple. Go out and spend time and hang out together. Be open to knowing more about her and let her know who you guys are. Look at it as a first date. Since it's the first time, it's better not to interact, and each party goes their way. When you get home, you can reflect on the experience and see if you are still into the experience and if you still want that same unicorn.

5. Your unicorn is human

You may get caught up in in the hype and excitement to fulfil your fantasies and forget that your unicorn is also human and that he or she also has her fantasies and desires that he or she wants to fulfil. Your unicorn is not a sex toy and therefore his, or her needs also need to be considered and addressed especially because he or she is automatically the odd one out in the threesome. Therefore you need to find out what the unicorn likes and what he or she doesn't like so that you can all have a great time and enjoy yourselves. It is important to make sure you are communicating throughout the whole process so that mutual understanding and respect.

After following all these steps, you can be assured of having a great sexual threesome. All that's left now is for you to let go and enjoy the experience. Ensure that everyone's needs are addressed and make sure that no boundaries are pushed. After the threesome remembers to thank the unicorn and express how you appreciate them helping materialise your fantasies.

After your first experience, you and your partner can find the way forward. You can decide if a unicorn is an arrangement that you would want to experience again or not. And if your experience does not turn out as you expected you could look at what may have gone wrong and rectify that for a better experience the next time. All the best

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