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The swinger lifestyle has evolved into a mainstream format now, thanks to the various swinger apps, events, clubs, and websites present. The Swinglifestyle (SLS) app is one such tool that promises to be an invaluable tool for singles and couples looking for like-minded people.

Also known as SLS Official, the app is one of the largest global swinger apps. Founded in 2001, it boasts the largest online swinger dating community. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and designed to provide easy and quick navigation. Here is a detailed review of the app, its features, and its benefits.

PositiveIs it right for me?

Swinglifestyle has millions of members from across the globe. The members include couples in search of other couples or singles looking for a swinger lifestyle. Some of the main aspects of the swingers dating app that make it the right choice are:

  • You get to meet like-minded people from all parts of the world looking for non-traditional relationships.
  • It offers a space for people with similar sexual desires and interests who can meet up and have fun.
  • Integrated support service ensures 24/7 service and quick response to user queries and issues.
  • The app is convenient to use and works at a very high speed, which makes it a user-friendly choice.

PositiveHow to sign-up

For becoming a member of the service, you need to register. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. The registration process is simple, and you can sign-up in a few minutes. It involves the following steps:

1. Create a username and password.

2. Verify your age is at least 18 years old

3. Provide details like email address, zip code, and country.

4. Supply info on your age, gender, height, and weight.

To register, the service has certain stipulations that you should meet, such as:

  • You should be 18 years old or above.
  • You accept the terms and conditions of the site and the Privacy policy.
  • All users are restricted to opening only one account under the free package.
  • Multiple accounts are allowed for the paid accounts.
  • Age verification is done using government-issued proof of age and the confirmation that the identification provided is yours. Registration is allowed only when your identity and age are verified.

PositiveMain Features

SLS has many useful and efficient features that will provide you will all necessities related to using the app and improving your prospective search. For individuals and couples preferring swinger dating, this platform has many appealing aspects. Some of the outstanding features found in the app are:

  • Video chat feature
  • The quick and simple registration process
  • GPS location support
  • Advanced search feature
  • Support Ticket system
  • Use of biometric identification for login
  • Certifications
  • Find many precise matches and hot dates
  • Convert old friends to Favorites to ensure a new relationship dynamic

Free service

You can register and join the community for free. The mobile app is easy to use and can provide fast and efficient service. Basic features like registration, video chat, support ticket, and GPS location are available under the free package.

Paid Service

The paid service provides advanced features that ensure you can meet up with your matches swiftly and with minimal effort. Some of the main features you get under the paid service include:

  • Use the advanced search filters to find your matches easily.
  • The ability to change old friends to favorites and form a new friend list.
  • You can get hot dates quickly with the rapid matches.
  • Member certification gives assurance that you meet only real people and eliminates the chance of fake profiles.
  • The Hot Dates feature allows you to search for or post Hot dates.
  • Besides the existing advanced features, the service also promises features like clubs, personal/private galleries, cruises, and more.


  • Free mobile app
  • One-on-one video chat


  • Very minimal advanced features


While the registration and some of the features are provided for free with SLS, for using the advanced features you need to subscribe to the paid services.

For the monthly recurring subscription, you need to shell out $19.99 per month. The payment provides you access to all features of the app and the website.

Subscription payments are made via the iTunes Account when you confirm the purchase. On payment completion, your subscription will renew automatically every month unless you cancel the subscription.

You can manage the subscription and turn off the automatic renewal by using the Account settings section. If you have any portion of the free trial term left, you cannot use it when you purchase the subscription.

PositiveRelationship Types You Can Find

SLS app favors ethical non-monogamous relationships also called consensual non-monogamy. ENM can be practiced in many ways and involves romantic or sexual relationships between multiple people. It focuses on the informed consent of the people involved. You can find casual dating, open relationships, swinging, threesomes, polyfidelity, casual sex, and polyamory here.

PositiveWhy It is Different From Others

The app has been in service for over two decades making it a safe and legit site to use. The huge online user community is another advantageous factor.

Features like video chat, location services, certification, and filters for search make finding a match easier and hassle-free. Further, there is no lag in the searches as the app uses advanced software ensuring quick and easy navigation. Read SDC and Swap Finder Review

PositiveBottom Line

For singles and couples preferring the swinger lifestyle, Swinglifestyle offers the right environment that is free of prejudices. Open-minded people seeking non-traditional relationships need not search for a safe and private service with apps like Swinglifestyle. The video chat, filter options, hot dates, and events are excellent features that ensure your time spent on the app is enjoyable.

The integrated 24/7 support feature ensures you do not need to worry about any issues that are commonly faced with competitor apps. For legitimacy, the member certification ensures the members you view and interact with are authentic. With free and paid options, this app is the best swingers app for swingers and other people seeking ethically non-monogamous relationships.

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