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PositiveOverall Review

Are you bored with the normal dating routine and want to dabble in threesome dating? Zever promises a better dating experience for its users. You can feel safe and empowered when you use this dating platform.

It allows you to explore your deepest desires with like-minded individuals. Besides threesomes, it also offers the opportunity to seek out swingers, open relationships, and polyamory.

Zever offers ENM (Ethically Non-Monogamous) dating. If you are into adventurous relationships and respect the set boundaries the platform offers the right atmosphere.

PositiveIs it right for me?

While there is not much info on the user base for the service, the app store and Google Play store ratings indicate the service is good. Further, the features allow you to search for your match easily and quickly.

Usable by singles and couples seeking threesomes and other ENM forms of dating, the site offers easy-to-link accounts. Features like Seeking enables an easy way for users to be upfront about their preferences and who they want to match with.

The kink-friendly community allows an efficient chatting feature, good search filters, and suitable seeking methods that allow an in-depth exploration.

PositiveHow to sign-up

Registering process is very quick and easy to complete. You can do it in just a few minutes. The site requires you to provide basic info like your name, gender, age, and other essential details. You need not link to your social accounts. One of the main membership criteria is that you should be at least 18 years old. Photo verification is a strict process for profile creation.

PositiveMain Features

Here are some of the outstanding features found in this ENM dating platform:

  • Connection: For couples, the platform allows easy linking of individual accounts so other users will be able to identify them as couples.
  • Seeking: The seeking feature is apt for friends with benefits and couples to find playmates. When a couple wants to add single or multiple persons to their relationship, this feature enables them to do it.
  • Meet your match: The features of the platform enable you to find people with a similar mindset to yours. Finding individuals or couples looking for non-monogamous partners is easy with the matching feature found here.
  • Discover: The discover feature allows you to view other members. You can adjust the settings to allow you to see only the persons who match your preferences. For editing the preference, you need to use the Filters Icon on the Discover section, tap on the preferences you want to alter, and then tap the done button.
  • Singles and couples’ selection: You can choose from a huge list of hot singles and couples to date on the app. A couple looking for a third will be able to find a partner or another couple to share their ENM values in a safe and sexy way.
  • Threesomes: The platform provides an unfair advantage to users that help them to experience an alternative lifestyle as a threesome. For newbies, the site offers the right atmosphere that will make them feel experienced as soon as they join as a member.
  • Swinging: For swingers earning to express their sexual freedom, the site provides a safe and exciting environment. If you are into a swing lifestyle or want a new relationship dynamic, Zever offers it all.
  • Group chat: The group chats feature helps you to chat with the people that you find a match with. You can use the instant messaging feature to talk to multiple people at a time.

Free and paid features

At present, Zever is a free threesome finder site. You can enjoy the basic and premium features without paying for a membership. As per the official site, the free offer is for a limited time so the site encourages users to become a member to experience the benefits without paying for them.


  • It is an easy-to-use app
  • User-friendly design
  • A diverse range of features


  • No info present on the privacy and security measures used by the service
  • Minimal info on user count and available countries


As per the official site, the service does not provide a subscription format for its users. All the features of the service are offered for free including the premium features.

  • 1 month pro membership is $14.99
  • 3-month pro membership is $29.99
  • 6-month pro membership is $59.99
  • 1 boost is $3.99
  • 3 boosts is $9.99
  • 5 boost is $11.99
  • 1 gift is $0.99
  • 6 gifts is $3.99
  • 12 gifts is $6.99

PositiveRelationship Types You Can Find

The threesome app offers the right atmosphere for curious singles, swingers, and couples to form non-monogamous ethical relationships. For people in search of a threesome, polyamorous, swinging lifestyle, and open relationships, this service provides the right opportunities.

Making your fantasies come true is easier with the limitless exploratory features offered by the service. You get to experience ethical, consensual, and open relationships when you join the platform.

PositiveWhy It is Different From Others

The service provides several favorable features that set it apart from other threesome dating apps. To start with, the major dealbreaker for the site is it is offered free of charge.

All the main features are aimed to provide users the opportunity to ensure their fantasies are realized when they explore the open, ethical, and consensual relationships here. For privacy, the service allows user control over the persons that can link to or view their profile.

From viewing the age and adding stickers to the profile pictures there are controls in place to ensure a safe experience. Proper verification of identity is carried out while registering.

You can add specific filters that match your preferences. With the filters in place, you can see only the people that match your standards for a partner. Read 3somer and Fantasy Review

PositiveBottom Line

Zever is a dating app for ENM relationships including threesome dating. It focuses on open-minded people looking for variety in their sexual lifestyles.

The community allows users to explore, and find new friends or compatible partners in a hassle-free and safe way. I find the search features and group chat are efficient and user-friendly. The official site is easy to navigate and the information provided is precise and neat.

While there are many benefits like the free membership, easy sign-up, and access to advanced features, some drawbacks are present. The lack of specific privacy and security measures and the absence of info on the supported countries and languages are some of the main downsides.

Overall, the features are diverse and the rules are simple with the service being provided for free. So, the benefits outweigh the cons making it a good choice to try.

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