Celebrating Diversity: Embracing the Beauty of Transgender Differences

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Transgender or Trans as they are better known, are not your everyday boy and girl. Trans people are either males or females, whose gender are different from what they are assigned. It means that the identity of these people and also their gender fails to align with the gender with which they were born.

An example is a person who identifies as a girl, and who in reality is a girl but, has the sex parts and other body features of a guy. Transgender also caters for people who identify with a gender that is the opposite of the one whose sex has been assigned to them, like a person who has female features and even the female sex but identifies as a boy.

In today's society, people have become very open to gender fluidity and more accepting of Trans people; this is not a shock because trans people are amazing. From the fashion world to the tech industry, to the Youtube world, to Hollywood and the Silicon Valley, Trans people are winning and achieving iconic accolades. There's no better time to have expressed your true identity other than now. It is so essential for every person to be comfortable in their skin, with their identity and even their outward appearance. That is why it is so necessary for everyone to be who they truly, in their hearts, know they are.

We all need to embrace and accept the beauty of transgender people. Instead of shaming and bashing them for coming out of their shell to show who they truly are, we should be very happy for them and maybe even follow in their footsteps, by searching deep within ourselves and finding out who we are outside what the society expects us to identify as. Many chat rooms are supportive of the movement and this is evident through creation of t4m tags. If you look well, you will even find a section for craigslist t4m.

Luckily the world is moving towards a more accepting place, and this is great for the transgender community. For instance, Ontario, a province in Canada collectively agreed and went on to pass the Trans Day Remembrance Act 2017, in December in the year 2017. This recognised this act officially. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has henceforth been holding a moment of silence on every 20th day of November. This is to remember those who have been hurt or even killed because of transphobia. Gwendolyn Ann Smith is the transgender woman who founded the day. She founded it in 1999, in memory of a woman who was murdered for being transgender. Her name was Rita Hester. People all over the world have been remembering the transgender on November 20th. This is part of the very excellent things that are being undertaken to support the trans community.

Another great way in which people have come through for trans people is through the setting up of NGOs. So many NGOs have been set up to raise funds, to challenge laws that discriminate against transgender people. The money raised is also used to help trans people that are transitioning, by providing services and the right medication for people to transition into their true identity and gender. These NGOs are God sent, and if you are a transgender person who is hiding their identity, you need to get out there and explore these places. You will be shocked at how much support, love and care you will receive. You will also be able to find your true self, and in turn, inspired so many others.

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His leads us to the next area of interest. You know that you are transgender, how do you come out to other people? You may ask yourself why, if a person knows their true identity won't they come out? Well, we all know that change is a terrifying thing. When you come out, you may feel scared or liberated depending on your personality. You may want to tell those close to you that you want to be addressed by your real identity but taking the first step is very hard. It may be tough for people to understand what it means for you to be transgender. There are a few tips that may aid you in your journey of finding your identity, and even coming out.

1.Think it through

You have decided to come out; this is a significant step. You, therefore, need to take time to yourself. Reflect upon the beauty of your identity and who you are; you need to express yourself well. Think about how you are going to break the news to your loved ones and how you are going to reveal who you are and how you see yourself. Do some research about being trans, also find out what it means to be trans. This way when you come out, you will be able to answer questions directed to you without frustrated or attacked.

2. Talk to people that you trust and that love you

Although you may not expect all those that love you to accept the change immediately fully, you must make sure that you come out to people that love you and that you trust. Make sure that you get a group of people in your inner circles that are your ride or die's. These people should be there for you even if they really can't quite get around the shared news to ensure that you are safe and protected. They should also be your support system. Talk to them first, even if it's just one person then from there you can progress to letting the world know who you truly are eventually. If you talk to the wrong people, you may jeopardise your safety because there are cruel people in the world, who retort to violence when their values and opinion don't go with yours. Transphobia is a sad but existent reality in our culture.

3. It takes time, starts living to the fullest

After you have talked to those who you wanted to come out to, it's important not to expect everyone to receive the news well immediately. Some may be confused, shocked and may need time to adjust. However, because they will love you, they will eventually come around, and you will be so happy you let them know who you truly are.

Now you can live your life, follow your dreams and be happy. Life as a transgender should be just as fulfilling as life as a person whose identity and gender align with the sex to which they have been assigned. There are so many successful, influential and iconic transgender people who have achieved the unimaginable in this world. Make sure you find a community or society that supports trans people so that you may grow together in your trans journey.

The good thing is that there are plenty of reliable websites where you could interact and meet with other people in the transgender community.

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