The Truth About Unicorn Hunting: Why Couples Should Avoid This Trend at All Costs

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Couples will more than often get carried away and forget that unicorn hunting doesn’t always end well. Before getting to that, it is vital first to understand what unicorn hunting is. Well, in simple terms, it is the situation where a couple invite a third party, which in most cases is a woman and form a triad. They may want an ongoing relationship where the unicorn will be expected to cater to both partners emotionally and so on. Unfortunately, the unicorn may not receive the same from the couple.

It is mostly fuelled by the desire to fulfill the kinky fetish. For some couples, the agenda is different. You will find that they are looking for a bdsm relationship and so on. As exciting as everything may seem, it is worth noting that unicorn hunting will sometimes go left. As much as it allows the couple to explore their sexuality and be with other people: but managed, it does not disqualify other problems. The following are the reasons why the unicorn hunter does not always end well.

1. It will ever be expected for the couple to hunt for a woman unicorn

Why? There is an existing notion that women are naturally bisexual. It is therefore assumed that it is more appropriate if it is a woman. More so, it is expected not to be a thing for the male folk.

2. The couple being limited to having a female unicorn is also problematic

Where does the problem arise? Well, as earlier mentioned, the woman will be expected or instead assumed to have an equal attraction to both parties. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There is no guarantee that someone will be attracted to both halves, actually, it is almost impossible for that to happen. When one half of the couple gets hit by reality later, the triad relationship may as well as have to end.

3. The male party gets to benefit most

Why? There is no room for jealousy for him. So he will have no disturbing thoughts all the way. The woman, on the other hand, will have to endure a lot of overthinking, mixed emotions, feeling threatened, name it. The reason here is because the unicorn is a woman. The man has no reason to feel threatened as his partner is not having sex with another man. The reverse is also true. It can be quite tormenting for the lady in the relationship.

4. It can be challenging to protect a relationship when a third party is involved

As much as the couple may have agreed on maintaining the status quo in their relationship, it may prove to be tasking. There will be so many setbacks. Streaks of jealousy to start with. Also, the woman cannot be too sure if the feelings of her partner will shift to the other woman. As much as the relationship might still be safe, insecurity cannot be ignored, and it may become a bigger issue than one that is there in the first place. As couples decide to go unicorn hunting, it is essential that they remember that they also have a task ahead of them: protecting the relationship.

5. For the unicorn, she will not always be humanized

She will have to come off as an object mostly. Her role will be limited to helping the couple to fulfill their adventures. She will end up compromising her feelings and desires for the satisfaction of the said couple.

6. Developing feelings can become a big problem

The unicorn may end up being hurt, or the relationship may have to fall apart to accommodate a person’s feelings. No one has control over how and when feelings for someone develop. Especially in such an arrangement. Being intimate with someone will gradually lead you to have feelings for someone.

unicorn hunter

7. Remember that the unicorn will never have an equal share of the relationship

She still has needs which she requires to be met. For that reason, she might want to have a relationship of her own too. Well, it is a problem as it will impact on the triad situation.

8. The unicorn may only be interested in having sex with half of the couple and not all

What this does is deny the person the right to choose who to have sex with. If she cannot have sex with one half of the couple than it would mostly mean that they are also not allowed to have sex with the other half either. In the end, the triad relationship might be forced to come to an end. While going on a unicorn hunt, ending something is not what you are looking for.

9. Maybe the unicorn is not interested in group sex after all

While you might be looking to a long-term relationship, the unicorn might be there for a one-off. She probably wants to get something off her bucket list and so on. Group sex may not be her thing as you might be assuming. If you hold to it, you might end up being disappointed.

10. People want to have a say in their relationships

A triad arrangement will be very limiting to the unicorn. She is the third party here and will be forced to operate as per the couple’s rule. She will be emotionally and mentally dissatisfied. Or even physically at times.

Triad relationship is something that people need to give deep thought before getting into. It may seem exciting at the beginning, but the truth is many challenges need to be overcome for the relationship to function. The unicorn especially should watch out for the pitfalls. They are mostly the ones affected and the ones are missing out on the most. It would be correct to say that for them, they were required to make a significant sacrifice. They should, therefore, take time to come to terms with the whole idea before getting into a relationship as the unicorn.

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By Admin, Last Updated: May 1, 2023