10 FWB Dating Sites for Friends With Benefits & NSA Hookup

friends with benefits relationship

Not interested in a serious relationship, but itching for someone to have a good time with on a regular basis? Then you’re probably looking for a Friend with Benefits or FWB for short.

FWBs are more than just your typical friends - they’re people that enjoy a healthy sexual life with each other, with no strings attached whatsoever. There’s no love or romance in the relationship.

So if you’re looking for someone to blow your load or eat you out without having to say “I love you” to them and buying them dinner, you may want to find a Friend with Benefits ASAP.

“But how do you do that, exactly?”, you’re probably asking. Don’t worry, you’re not alone - there are (probably) thousands, if not millions of horny single people who just want to have some fun without getting too committed.

And that, my friends, is where dating websites come in. They get rid of the difficulties in finding FWBs for you.

Dating Apps Are Your Friend

These days, dating apps are more often used to hook up rather than seek long-lasting relationships. A lot of people would rather go for hookups than romantic partners.

The problem with finding the right FWB, though, is that you can’t really rely on hooking up with someone in person that easily. Sure, you could probably meet someone eventually, but even then, they might not be your type or share the same interests as you.

Dating apps take the guesswork out of searching for a friend with benefits and connects users with other singles in your area. And what’s even better is that you get to pair up with those that you think you’ll enjoy having fun with.

Find the Perfect FWB

To some people, finding an FWB isn’t enough. Compatibility can be a huge factor in deciding whether or not someone’s fit to be an FWB. When it comes to hooking up in person, it’s almost impossible to find out their kinks. For all you know, the chick that you’re eyeing on right now could end up being a huge dominatrix.

A lot of the difficulty comes from the fact that no one really talks about their sex lives in casual settings. It can definitely be a hot topic during mixers and parties, but you won’t find co-workers talking about their glory hole fantasies during their coffee break.

That’s why a lot of people prefer to find FWBs and hookups through dating sites online. Not only does it make the process of finding single people a cinch, but it also bypasses one of the biggest hurdles in finding an FWB - matching kinks and fetishes.

Many modern dating sites (especially the more adult-oriented ones) let you specify the kinks and fetishes that you’re into, so you can proudly display your desire to choke or get choked in bed.

“But which sites should you try out first?”, I hear you ask yet again. Fear not, as we’ve gathered some of the best sites on the internet that’ll help you on your quest of hooking up with potential FWBs near you.

#1 AshleyMadison

Overview: Ashley Madison is a dating site that helps single individuals find someone they can date (or even marry) with people near them.

Perks: Because Ashley Madison caters to more “genuine” relationships, you’re more likely to find an FWB that’ll stick around for longer than just a few nights.

Limits: The site is ultimately geared towards commitment-based relationships, so while it is possible to find FWBs on AshleyMadison, you’re more likely to find horny people in your area through other sites on this list.

Just a Tip: You can specify the age of the type of adult you’re looking for, so you won’t have to worry about matching with that grandma from across the street.

#2 AdultFriendFinder

Overview: With over 3 million connections made and users from all over the world, AdultFriendFinder is one of the most popular friends with benefits places for adults to find people to have some fun with.

Perks: With lots of people online at any given time, there’s a good chance that you’ll find someone that matches that quirky kink of yours. You can also identify as a couple and hook up with swingers, too, if you’re the sharing type.

Limits: If you’re looking for an FWB that’s into the same fetishes as yours, you may find it a bit difficult to do so since there aren’t really any user tags that let people know your “preferences”.

Just a Tip: Got any kinks that you want people to know about from the get-go to make finding partners easier? Choose a username that really lets people know what you’re into, such as “BDSM_Freak”, or “justchokemealready”.

#3 NoStringsAttached

Overview: As the name suggests, No Strings Attached is a discreet sex and hookup site that connects people with single and married adults alike AshleyMadison who just want to have a good time.

Perks: Privacy is very important to NoStringsAttached, and you can call members and contact them without exposing your identity at all.

Limits: Of course, with all that anonymity comes with the possibility of getting catfished. You may think you’re emailing this cute chick when you’re actually talking to some dude with questionable motives.

Just a Tip: Make the most out of your anonymity by hooking up with as many people as possible! There’s no such thing as too many hookups when no strings are attached in the first place.

#4 Plenty Of Fish

Overview: POF (or Plenty of Fish) is a dating site and app that’s based primarily in Canada that’s owned by the same group of companies as Tinder and Match.

Perks: The male-female disparity in POF isn’t as great as it is on more popular dating apps, and users here are typically more specific in what they look for in a partner.

Limits: Like match.com, POF is more for those people who are looking for love, and you won’t find as many FWBs here.

Just a Tip: Keep your profile as detailed as possible to maximize your chances of finding someone who shares the same “hobbies” as you.

#5 OKCupid

Overview: OkCupid is arguably the closest possible definition to a true “dating” site, allowing people to really get to know each other before even meeting in person.

Perks: The platform focuses a lot less on looks and photos, and lets users discover others with similar passions, fields of work, and more.

Limits: If you think making a detailed profile for Match or POF is difficult, you’ll need to bust out that inner romance novel writer if you want to stand out on OkCupid.

Just a Tip: It can be tempting to throw in a couple of white lies to look more attractive - don’t do it. You’ll only make a mess that you’ll have to deal with later on.

#6 Zoosk

Overview: With over 30 million downloads on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, Zoosk has over 40 million single adults worldwide who are itching for some action.

Perks: It’s really easy to hook up with people using Zoosk. Just upload some photos, write a bio that describes what you’re looking for in a relationship, and wait for those matches to start rolling in (hopefully).

Limits: You can’t afford to be anonymous if you want to find FWBs on Zoosk since users on these apps need a detailed profile (including pictures) to base their judgments on.

Just a Tip: You can match with people either by using their carousel mode, which is basically their version of the Tinder swiping feature, or through their search mode, which lets you filter users by certain factors, such as age, religion, body type, and more.

#7 MeetMe

Overview: Meetme.com advertises itself as a social app that lets you “make friends”, but in reality, many of the “friends” that you make here have added “benefits” to them.

Perks: Ever wanted a dating app that actually rewards you for hooking up? MeetMe is unique among dating apps in the sense that they reward credits (and even cash) to users who are popular on their app.

Limits: Predators and catfishers are pretty common around here, and you aren’t likely to find a serious relationship (but you aren’t going here for that, are you?).

Just a Tip: Try interacting with as many people on the app as possible to gain those sweet rewards - you’re basically getting paid for a good time!

#8 BeNaughty

Overview: We can’t deny that an FWB relationship is at least a little bit naughty - and BeNaughty lets you play around to your heart’s content by hooking up with singles in your area.

Perks: You can create a personal account in just a few minutes, and talk directly to single people through the platform’s “naughty chat rooms” (yes, that’s what the site calls them).

Limits: The convenience of creating an account makes it easy for predators and catfishers to join the site, and not everybody’s looking for just hookups on the site.

Just a Tip: You can filter the pages on the site by either the location or dating preference, so whether you live in Denmark or you’re a bisexual, there are pages that cater to your needs.

#9 Meetup

Overview: Meetup is a platform that, as the name implies, lets users meet with other individuals or groups that share hobbies with one another.

Perks: Ever wanted more than one friend with benefits? Well, there’s an Adult Play topic on the site, so you can join groups that are looking to enjoy themselves, too.

Limits: The site caters to all types of groups, and there are only currently four “Adult Play” groups available, with one of them featuring only one member (wait, does that still count it as a group?).

Just a Tip: Meetup’s most popular “Adult Play” group, Hedonism, has over 3,000 members and is based in New York, so you can indulge yourself in pleasure with them if you live nearby.

#10 Mingle2

Overview: With over 39 million members on their platform and over 600 thousand new members each month, we’ll be damned if you can’t find at least one person that you match with on Mingle2.

Perks: Mingle2 is one of the few dating sites that’s free. That’s right, you don’t have to spend extra money to get extra swipes or any of those weird money-making schemes.

Limits: Don’t like ads? Too bad, since that’s how Mingle2 makes their money, so you’ll have to deal with product deals before flirting with others.

Just a Tip: Be sure to put in a reasonable “dating range” when signing up. Setting it too close to home will make it more difficult to find someone, and setting it too far will just match you with people that are 10 or more hours away.

How to Do Friends With Benefits Relationship Successfully

Friends With Benefits relationships, or FWB relationships in short, often come with their own set of challenges. From the unique nature of the relationship dynamic itself to the importance of setting ground rules, it can be difficult for a lot of people to make an FWB relationship work.

That’s where we come in. Don’t think you have what it takes to succeed in managing an FWB relationship? Think again. With these next few tips, you’ll become a certified FWB expert in no time (we think). Spoiler: there’s a lot more to these relationships than just the sex.

1. Know if an FWB relationship is even possible

The first (and most obvious) question one asks is whether or not it’s possible to shift a platonic friendship into something more sexual. And no, you don’t determine your readiness based on how horny you are for each other. You do so based on what’s called your “sociosexual orientation”, or how well you respond to casual sex.

Basically, if you can separate romantic interest and sex, then, by all means, fuck each other to your hearts’ content. But if either of you is known to develop feelings after a one-night stand, you may not want to go for an FWB relationship, no matter how much you want to do them. Trust me, it’ll only backfire.

2. Establish boundaries and ground rules

Any good FWB relationship will have boundaries and ground rules set beforehand. This is done to make sure that you two get to enjoy as much as you want, without overstepping the FWB status. It’s a precautionary measure that lets you separate romantic interest from the equation, and when things go south, end the relationship with no problems whatsoever.

3. Communicate clearly

Ground rules and boundaries aren’t enough to make an FWB relationship last. You need to be able to tell your partner what you feel at all times so that you won’t be sending the wrong signals. Horny as hell? Hit them up. Not in the mood for the day? Let them know. You don’t want your FWB relationship to end just because you weren’t being honest with each other.

4. Learn to not get too attached

Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, feeling attached to your FWB can be a good thing? Studies have shown that being emotionally invested is a common trait among successful FWB relationships.

Remember the boundaries that you’ve set with one another, though. If they’d rather not develop any sort of attachment, then you should avoid anything that could spark interest in one another - like cuddling after sex.

By Admin, Last Updated: May 1, 2023